Monday, October 11, 2010

Elements of Natural Health is BACK!

Back by popular demand and due to the fact that she was booked solid for 12 hours in April...Melissa from Elements of Natural Health will be with us Oct 23rd!
Check out below what she's offering us this time! No pre-booking available - first come, first book!

The 2 below are each $30.00 massage sessions (30 mins):

Zen Stretch: Is having to sit in one spot beginning to cramp your style? Unwind with Thai Yoga massage stretches aimed to iron-out your kinks, loosen stiff joint and lengthen limbs. Leave feeling "ahh"-mazing!
$30.00/ 30mins
From Back pain to Bliss: Is your back starting to bug you? Release back tension build-up as you recharge during this full back massage session.

The 3 below are each $10.00 mini-massage sessions (10mins):

Headache Help: Discover relief from headaches, sinus congestion and eye strain as tension is released through a combination of Facial Acupressure and Head massage.

Neck & Shoulder Rejuvenation: The perfect session to soothe away stress in these high tension hot spots during a day-long-scrapbook-a-thon

Hand Revival: Great release for wrist strain from intricate cutting during scrapbooking, keyboard overuse and arthritis.

About Melissa:
Melissa Bishop is a Stress Buster Specialist who helps women struggling with burn-out to have more everyday enjoyment and boundless energy. Melissa has been working at providing the stress relieving health benefits of massage to others for over 4yrs. She now focuses on those who are open-minded to a holistic approach that is complimentary to primary health care in addressing stress related health issues. Discover how Melissa can help you by visiting her website here:

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